Creative ways to Utilise Cardboard Boxes

What is the next thing to do once all the items have been safely removed from cardboard boxes ? Possibilities of utilising these small boxes would be endless.

Jul 06
Jimmy Churchill

Though technology is constantly providing us with new ways to handle things, some of these things stubbornly remain the same. For example, have a look at the cardboard. 90% of shipping all over the world still utilises cardboard packaging. What is the next thing to do once all the items have been safely removed from these cardboard boxes? Most of us break them down and toss them for recycling. If you took the time to give it a thought, possibilities of utilising these small boxes would be endless. Cardboard can be cut, wrapped, painted, configured and bent in every possible way you can imagine. These cardboards do not have to remain in your kids' playgrounds to be misused as I will show you some creative ways to utilise those cardboard boxes to make gifts and other useful items.

cardboard boxes

Story Box

Cardboard boxes majorly use for children’s entertainment. If you love reading stories to your kids, such as Little Red Riding Hood, it is best to make them a story box. All you require is a show box. Cut the front section to ensure it folds out flat to create the stage, paint the edges blue to represent the sky and the base green to represent the grass. With another box, you can cut a castle and paint it pink to make it appear “all magical and lovely.” You can also cut the cardboard to construct a house inside the box. This approach will ensure kids are good at retelling stories.

Thank-you Cards

Sometimes you may feel you need to send someone a thank-you card and want to make it special. Since a handwritten thank-you card will never go unappreciated, what’s better than utilising the original gift box and write on it? The best part is that you can deliver it is, no envelopes required.

Napkin Rings

You can whip up your napkin rings with a cardboard tube from a foil or a roll of plastic wrap. A ¼- of wrap from your most favourite fabric can be enough for eight rings. You can use double sided tape or fabric glue to secure the cloth on the interior of each cardboard foil. You could also come up with an original idea and cover a cardboard box with some of your embellishments. You can then line it with a plastic bag nudged with several drainage holes. You now prepared for moving a plant into its new home.

Storage Totes

Cardboard boxes are just not meant for shipments only. You can use them to make a trio of storage totes. You can use spray adhesives and gold screw bolts to hold the fabric covers of the cardboards in place. You can tie an old belt on it to act as carrying strap.

Cat Scratching Pad

If you own a cat in your home, then you are aware what cats can do to your furniture with their clothes. It is high time to save your furniture and start impressing your favourite feline. You can achieve this through a scratching pad created from crenellated cardboard boxes. You can decide to paint to make it look attractive.

Cardboard Maze

We sometimes receive deliveries of large appliances but end throwing them away as they can use up your household space. They can be substantial in entertaining your kids for hours by making them a cardboard maze. All you require is to cut 1-2 doorways and connect it to the other boxes using robust plastic clips.

Drink Coasters

You can decorate your living room by using drink coasters made out of cardboards. All you require is a good pair of scissors, cardboard and decorative duct tape.

Tags for Labelling

You might be one of those people who have too many items in the garage but keep identifying the wrong things while searching for them. You can make tags out of cardboards for labelling different bags, containers and boxes around your garage. You can also make gift card tags out of them.

Solution for weed Problems

Cardboard may be durable, but they are still compostable materials. Hence they can be used as a natural solution for weed problems in your garden. Place flat pieces in the prone areas and water them thoroughly to ensure they stay in place. Then add mulch or soil to the wet pieces of cardboard to camouflage them.

Paint Palette

As a way of not overthinking it, you can craft your project with cardboard paint palette to make it easier. You can finish it by boring a handy thumb hole in it to keep things in balance.

Blank Canvases

As artists are aware, blank canvases are expensive. Cut your losses by using shoe box tops. Apply a coat of white and primer paint and give them the same treatment as a canvas.

Stylish Magazine Files

Sometimes it is hard to imagine where your cereal boxes end up once they are empty. If only you were aware, you could use them to make stylish magazine files by cutting them into fitting sizes and covering it with fabric.

Gift Bags

Why don’t you take those cereal boxes, cut them into shape and paint them whatever colour you want? I am sure your friend somewhere will enjoy the suitcase styled gift bags. You can also add decorations and have guests go home with great goodie bags.

Party Decors

Are you aware how expensive it is always to run to the store for party décor once a birthday party, anniversaries or thanksgivings come up? Just get you empty cardboard boxes and make decors such as flower garlands before your next event. Just bend a string, glue and paint them together.

Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Use a cardboard toilet paper role as your base in making a traditional pine cone bird feeder. You are then to cover it with peanut butter and stick bird seeds on it. Slip a ribbon through it and hang it on a tree for the birds to feed on it.

Picture Mats

Why bother purchasing an everyday picture mat from the craft store while you can customise your own with fabric? Use a notepad backing or a cereal box to make your own. Customise your size and use mod podge and adhesives to add your material. You now have the perfect frame for your photos.

Indoor Camps

Sometimes your kids may not be ready for outdoor camping. Why don’t you modify some cardboard and make a camp for your children indoors?

Cat House

Are you tired of finding your cats sleeping wherever they want? You can make a cat house by just using an entirely closed cardboard box and cutting a doorway on one side. I am sure it will enjoy it.

Townhouse Villages

We all have a doughtier who enjoys playing with townhouse villages for small animals made from cardboards, sharpies, paint, ribbons, clear vinyl and scraps of paper.

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What to Pack First for A Hassle-free Move?

Most people dread the idea of moving house.If you’re not really sure about which things to pack first, read on this article to get a good idea.

Jun 06
Jimmy Churchill

local home moving suggestions Most people dread the idea of moving house. It is not the thought of all the physical labours involved that gives them the jitters. Oh no, what really scares people is all the mental stress and the possibility of things going wrong. And let’s face it, something or the other always seems to go wrong while moving house. But you can make the situation less stressful by being more in control of how you do things. For instance, packing is a major part of moving house. And when packing is done right, the entire move can turn out to be one smooth, hassle-free experience. So exactly can you do packing the right way? Well, just knowing what to pack first is half-won the battle. When you know exactly what to pack first and which things to leave for later, you will avoid wasting time in packing, and then later in unpacking boxes to find things. If you’re not really sure about which things to pack first, read on the following local home moving suggestions from MetroMovers to get a good idea.

1. Pack Your Offseason Clothing

If you’re moving during the summer, then it’s safe to assume that you won’t wear your winter clothes anytime soon. Pack them up, along with any other clothes that you think you won’t wear in the near future.

2. Empty Drawers and Cupboards

Pack up the things found in drawers and cupboards. These are mostly things that we don’t use on a regular basis and so can be packed up. Just make sure you keep some spare pens, markers, and other things that you might need later handy.

3. Pack Up the Kitchen

Your kitchen should be one of the first areas to be packed up. While you can keep using some of the basic kitchen gadgets such as the microwave oven, the coffee machine, and the toaster, fancy and/or less-often used things need to be packed up. From your cast-iron skillet to your waffle maker and fancy china dishes, pack it all and put it away, ready to be transported on the moving day.

4. Clean Out Your Pantry

Take inventory of your pantry. Pack up things that you can move (canned foods, sealed packets) and try to use up the rest of the items that can’t be packed. You can give away food to friends or even help out charities by donating it to them. Clearing out your pantry can be a time-consuming job, especially if you’re someone who loves to cook and so have a fully stocked pantry.

5. Pack Up Electronic Gadgets

Pack up your printer, paper shredder and other such bulky items. Take care while packing these as they need to be well-packed to reach their destination without any damage. It’s best if you can pack them up in the original boxes that they came in (complete with those thermocol pieces to keep them in place and act as buffers). Be sure to seal both the top and bottom of the boxes with tape. Better safe than sorry, right?

6. Clean Out Your Refrigerator

A week before the scheduled move, your refrigerator needs to be cleaned out. Start using up all the food in it to avoid wastage. Once you’ve emptied the refrigerator, unplug it and clean it thoroughly, getting it ready for the move.

7. Pack Up the Things in The Garage

Most people have a lot of junk stored in their garage. Going through them and sorting out which things to keep and what to discard can take a while. Tackle this task on a weekend, taking your time going through the things. Throw or give away things that you do not need and pack up the rest.

8. Pack Your Footwear

This might seem like a small chore, but footwear needs to be packed properly. You will need a couples of boxes to pack your shoes without squishing them. If possible, use individual shoe boxes for each pair and then stack those up in a big cardboard box, to be moved.

9. Consider Storage

If you’re moving to a new state and can’t take all your stuff at once, you need to figure out alternatives. Find storage options for items that need to be kept until further arrangements can be made. Remember that long-term storage can work out to be quite expensive, so the smart thing to do is to get rid of things such as furniture. You can always sell them through one of the online selling places and replace them with new ones. It could work out to be much cheaper doing that than putting your furniture in storage or having them transported to your new house. Figure out the logistics and opt for the most cost-effective option. Another point to consider is the space in the new house. Will your big dining table fit in the new place or should you sell it and buy a smaller one? Is your king-size bed okay for your new bedroom or should you consider downsizing to a queen-size? Consider these factors and make a decision.

10. Dismantle Furniture

A few days before the move, dismantle furniture and get them ready to be moved. Then, your washing machine needs to disconnected as well (you might need to hire a plumber for this). Store all the nuts and bolts from the furniture in a separate box labelled “Nuts and bolts’’, put them in Ziploc bags and label each bag so you know which piece of furniture it belongs to.

Once you’ve packed up all the above listed things, your packing is almost done. The remaining items can be packed a day or two before the moving date. Doing this will help you make your move in an organized fashion, keeping your stress levels down.
Note: It is a good idea to have the movers pay you a visit a few days before the move. This will help them gain a better idea of how much time it will take to move all your things, and how many people they will need to make the move efficiently. So consider giving your moving company a call and having them come and take a look.

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